About Us

A letter from the founder:

This idea came to be when I bought my boyfriend a t-shirt of sexy, half nude Heidi Klum giving the middle finger. I could not believe how much attention the t-shirt was getting. Since then, I wanted to start a t-shirt line with limited edition, provocative art prints.  

In my adult life, I spent a lot of time curating provocative artwork for a gallery in Toronto. Over the years I developed close business relationships with artists and photographers from all over the world. Recently, with the pandemic, I decided to go for it... I mean, what do I have to lose right? This will be fun!

The 01HNDRD website was officially launched on June 1, 2021.

01 of a HNDRD is a limited edition t-shirt line printing large format to premium quality apparel. Many of the artworks you see are also available as limited edition, blockchain registered fine art prints. If you're interested in the art itself, hit us up.

Our vision is to collaborate with the best art photographers in every industry and curate cool artwork that will draw peoples eye to you, your t-shirt and our brand.

We love provocative art. We love sexy nudity. We love quality. We're here, we're alive, let's make some noise!